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Monday, March 17, 2014

News and Notes 03/17/2014

courtesy Wrestling Online Network

- TNA Hall of Famer Sting held a Q&A session at the Camden Highlight Club
in London, England, last night and talked about wanting to wrestle the
Undertaker. When he was asked by a fan if he would be wrestling the
Undertaker at next year’s WrestleMania, Sting replied, “I don’t know. I
really don’t know. I can say that I would love for that to happen.” He
mentioned that he’s been watching Undertaker matches lately and especially
the WrestleMania match against Shawn Michaels. “I can tell you that
really, there’s only one more match that I’d like to have, yeah
Undertaker.” Sting has been in discussions with WWE to join the company
for the past few months ever since he departed TNA. Some say he’s signed,
some say not yet, but there’s talk that he would be headlining the WWE
Hall of Fame next year in California. Sting is the last remaining big name
to have never worked for WWE.

- One of the big questions surrounding the brand new WWE Network is the
capability of supporting a large event like WrestleMania frustration-free
for its subscribers. The first live “large scale” broadcast on the WWE
Network was the NXT Arrival show, a broadcast which was filled with
issues, leaving thousands of angry customers. WWE acknowledged the
problems and is now airing Main Event live on the Network as they continue
to iron out issues that might pop up for the big test - WrestleMania XXX.
The Motley Fool website asked that question to WWE keeping in mind that a
massive failure at WrestleMania might see a large exodus of WWE Network
subscribers after the 6-month commitment is up. "Notwithstanding the
overwhelmingly positive response to WWE Network, we want to ensure
subscribers have the highest-quality experience watching WrestleMania 30
and all our programming, and thus have put in place significant quality
assurances," WWE said in an e-mail. "These steps include increased
capacity to handle high volumes of transactions, logins, and concurrent
live streams, daily 'stress' testing of all systems over an extended
period, and the addition of technology experts to review our plan and
procedures. We're confident that we'll be ready on Sunday, April 6." WWE
has a lot riding on this show for the Network. WrestleMania is by far the
most-seen WWE show on pay-per-view and if they come out of this with minor
scratches or no issues at all, WWE Network subscribers might possibly
increase even more however anything else might spell disaster for WWE and
their future dealings with pay-per-view providers.

- took a look at the rumors of AMC Networks buying WWE from
the McMahon family, a rumour which spiked the WWE shares on Thursday to a
new all-time record of $31.98 for a few minutes. According to a source
close to the situation, reports that the two companies are
not in merger talks and it is “just a rumor” according to those with
knowledge of the discussions. A potential deal and bid would value WWE at
around $2.8 billion although the likelihood of such a deal happening is
close to zero since Vince McMahon controls the majority of the voting
rights. AMC is however in talks with WWE for television rights of RAW,
Smackdown, and all the other television shows. Other companies that WWE
approached were Viacom, FOX, Discovery, and Time Warner. WWE stocks closed
the week at 30.94, a 4% increase over Thursday’s closing.

- Chris Jericho has revealed the cover of his upcoming book which is
titled “The Best In The World - At What I Have No Idea.” This will be the
third autobiography for Jericho and continues where his last book,
Undisputed, left off. The book is co-written by Peter Thomas Fornatale and
will be released on October 13, 2014. “I guarantee you are going to LOVE
it!!!” Jericho wrote. The foreword of the book will be written by one
lucky fan who will be chosen by Jericho himself from a contest he held
earlier. The winner will not be announced but whoever the lucky one will
be will find out when the book is published. You can see the cover at

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