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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Divas Title No. 1 Contender Battle Royal: WWE Main Event, April 15th 2014

WWE News and Notes

News and Notes
courtesy Wrestling Online Network

- Monday Night RAW this week which featured a small tribute to the
Ultimate Warrior did a total of 4,770,000 viewers, down from last week's
5,146,000 post-WrestleMania show. Taking out last week, it was the highest
rated show since the return of Batista on January 20. Hour one did
4,811,000 viewers which then increased slightly to 4,831,000 in the second
hour before going down to 4,669,000 for the third and final hour. (Ratings

- Four WWE Superstars advanced in the Intercontinental Title #1 contenders
tournament yesterday on Monday Night RAW. In the first match, Rob Van Dam
defeated Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro defeated Mark Henry in the second bout,
Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger in the third, and in the final match, Bad
News Barrett defeated Dolph Ziggler. The second round of the tournament
will see Van Dam vs Cesaro and then Sheamus vs Bad News Barrett with the
winners of each match advancing to the finals where the winner will meet
Big E for the Intercontinental title at Extreme Rules.

- DirecTV has followed DISH Network in dropping WWE pay-per-views going
forward, reserving the right to broadcast any show on an event-by-event
basis. DISH Network was the first company to drop WWE, refusing to
broadcast Elimination Chamber but then putting WrestleMania XXX on their
schedule since it’s one of the big money-making events for PPV providers. is now reporting that DirecTV will not carry Extreme Rules or
anything following that due to the unfair advantage of the WWE Network,
where all twelve pay-per-views are available as part of the $9.99 a month
package. WWE admitted to the Torch that DirecTV has dropped them both
commercially and residentially. DirecTV were the first company to speak
out against WWE’s new business model after the Network was launched and
told the LA Times that they will re-evaluate their business partnership
with WWE.

- A pre-emption for WrestleMania didn’t help the return of Total Divas
this past weekend as episode four of season two got 1.16 million viewers,
a drop of 386,000 viewers from two weeks ago. Titled ‘Inhale, Exhale,’
episode four now ranks amongst the lowest when it comes to viewership of
the whole series so far.


- It is Warrior Week on the WWE Network this week as WWE continues to
honor the Ultimate Warrior who passed away a week ago in Scottsdale,
Arizona. Every day at 10PM EST, WWE will present Warrior: The Ultimate
Legend, a 4-part series focusing on the life, times, and matches of the
Ultimate Warrior. WWE Network cameras were following Warrior and his
family throughout the whole weekend but it’s not clear if any of that
footage will make it to this series. The original idea was to have a
documentary-style show on the Network featuring the Warrior family as they
prepare for the Hall of Fame, WrestleMania, and RAW.

- WWE today announced that WrestleMania XXX reached a record 1 million
households in the United States alone. With more than 667,000 Network
subscribers and over 400,000 domestic PPV buys, WrestleMania XXX is
currently the most watched WrestleMania domestically and that’s without
adding International numbers. WWE also announced that over 7.1 million
hours of video were streamed on the WWE Network from April 1 through April
8 by its subscribers. The company is hoping to reach 1 million domestic
subscribers to the Network by the end of 2014.

- Tamina, the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, became
the number one contender for the Divas title after she won a 10 Diva
battle royal. The ten participants were Nikki Bella, Cameron, Naomi, Emma,
Tamina, Alicia Fox, Aksana, Eva Marie, Layla, and Natalya. The last Divas
champion, AJ, was not in the battle royal and not even Brie Bella, who is
still on her honeymoon. Tamina will now face Paige for the title at
Extreme Rules, joining Bray Wyatt vs John Cena in a cage match as the only
two matches announced so far for the pay-per-view.

- Former WWE champion Chris Jericho will be the celebrity guest on
Wednesday’s TBS prank series Deal With It which is hosted by Theo Von.
Jericho will be part of the segment called Witness Relocation, where a
contestant is instructed to disguise her identity after a run-in with a
couple of mobsters reveals a clue about her mysterious past. Deal With It
offers ridiculous and hilarious pranks to contestants as they try to earn
cash in a hidden camera series. You can see two clips of Jericho on the
show at

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

News and Notes

courtesy Wrestling-Online Network and Newsletter

- With the streak over and a new WWE champion crowned, millions of WWE
fans - and some other casual fans - tuned in to RAW for the aftermath. The
post-WrestleMania RAW drew a total of 5,146,000 viewers, up three quarters
of a million from last week’s number. Hour one did 5,313,000 viewers,
followed by 5,094,000 in the second and then 5,032,000 in the third and
final hour. This has been the highest rated RAW since the first three hour
show aired on July 23, 2012. (Ratings credit:

- WWE Divas champion AJ Lee was finally dethroned after 295 days by NXT
newcomer Paige last night on Monday Night RAW. AJ told the fans inside the
arena that she was the “best Diva in the world,” resulting in a big pop
and chant for her boyfriend CM Punk. The celebration was quickly cut off
though as NXT Women’s champion Paige made her WWE TV debut to a thunderous
pop from the New Orleans crowd. AJ challenged Paige in a match however
Paige said she wasn’t ready, and was slapped in the face for her answer.
Eventually the match kicked off and Paige pulled the upset, pinning AJ
with her Paige Turner finishing move.The 21 year old British wrestler
became the youngest ever to hold the Divas title and also the first one to
hold both the NXT Women’s and WWE Divas title simultaneously. After the
match, Paige was greeted backstage by WWE Divas who congratulated her on
her win. An emotional Paige then cried her way through an interview for
WWE.COM which you can see at

- Mr. T used Twitter to air his thanks and frustration regarding his Hall
of Fame speech getting cut before he was finished. “Thank you very much
for all your support! I am very disappointed and saddened that you
couldn’t hear the rest of my speech. I was told my speech went too long?
Really? Seriously?” Mr. T wrote. He said that all the inductees were told
that the fans would want to hear their stories and were instructed to
“take our time and enjoy the moment.” Mr. T added that he was moved by the
support fans showed to him after his speech was cut short and he will post
the remainder of the speech for everyone to read it. “My mother taught me
to stand up for what I believed in. I put a lot of care and love into my
speech. I wanted it to inspire and motivate people when they are hurting.
Since my mother taught me to always try and take the high road, I will. If
my speech helped just 1 mother & 1 son out there, thank you GOD,” he
wrote. Mr. T also thanked Rowdy Roddy Piper for his words after his
speech, saying they meant a lot to him. The two were not very friendly due
to the heat they had at the time of WrestleMania I and II.

- Fandango today posted a tweet dumping Summer Rae as his dance partner in
an angle that will probably end up playing on television. “Hey,
@RealSummerWWE. Did you get my text? Like I said, it's really not me, it's
you. It's over…” he wrote. The 30 year old blond bombshell made her debut
with Fandango in April 2013 during RAW, replacing the previous dancer. She
had been under a developmental contract with the WWE since 2011. Rae is
not leaving the company by any means and will move on as a singles
wrestler in the Divas division.

- TNA has gotten themselves a new member on its creative team in the form
of former Knockout Christy Hemme. Hemme has been working for TNA Wrestling
since 2006 but wrestled her last match in 2008 before moving on as a
backstage interviewer and ring announcer. She joins John Gaburick, Dave
Lagana, and Matt Conway on the creative team. Hemme started her
professional wrestling career in the WWE, winning the Diva Search contest
in 2004.

Razor and Undertaker (1990)

This past weekend 2 men were making news, first was Scott Hall with his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame as his Razor Ramon persona and then The Undertaker who made news with the end of his legendary "streak of wins" at Wrestlemania.

Here are both men in a tag team
Tokyo, Japan 
 Shinya Hasimoto and Masa Saito
Scott Hall and Punisher Dice Morgan.