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Monday, December 31, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today in Wrestling History December 22nd

1917 - Wladek Zbyszko defeats Ed "Strangler" Lewis in a tournament final to stake his unrightful claim as the World Heavyweight Champion in New York City, New York. He would lose to the rightful champion, Earl Caddock on February 8, 1918 in Des Moines, Iowa.

 1954 - Rikidozan becomes the first and only Japanese Heavyweight Champion in Tokyo, Japan, defeating Masahiko Kimura. The title would be abandoned on August 27, 1958 when Rikidozan defeats Lou Thesz for the NWA International Heavyweight Title in Los Angeles, California.

 1997 - Long before Kevin Nash let Hulk Hogan pin him with the push of a finger, WWF did a similar angle during an edition of Raw (show was taped on December 11th). Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter, at the start of the show, ordered Shawn Michaels to defend the WWF European Title against DX partner Triple H. During the show, tensions seemed to rise between the two, with Michaels calling Helmsley a loser and saying he could never beat him in a match. When the bout took place at the end of the show, Michaels simply laid down in the ring and let Triple H pin him for the title, showing the argument to all be an act. The rest of the show, which scored a 3.1 rating, saw the following results: The Headbangers defeated The Godwinns via DQ. ... Undertaker defeated Intercontinental Champion Rocky Maivia via DQ. ... Marc Mero defeated Scott Taylor. ... Kurrgan defeated Eight Ball. ... Ken Shamrock defeated D'Lo Brown.
However, Nitro beat out Raw, scoring a 3.5 for a show that featured the following: Randy Savage defeated Lex Luger. ... Buff Bagwell defeated Chris Jericho. ... Harlem Heat defeated Scotty Riggs & Lodi. ... U.S. Champion Curt Hennig defeated Television Champion Disco Inferno. The TV belt was not on the line. ... Rick Steiner defeated Scott Norton via DQ. ... Chris Benoit defeated Van Hammer via DQ. ... Rey Mysterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera & Hector Garza defeated La Parka, Psicosis & Silver King. ... Steve McMichael defeated Meng. ... Fit Finlay defeated Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero via countout. 2000 - A Christmas Day edition of Raw was taped in Chattanooga, Tennessee, featuring Raven winning the Hardcore Title. Champion Steve Blackman pinned Hardcore Holly on the hood of a car in a three way match with Raven to retain the title, but Raven then hit him with a 2x4 and pinned him for the belt, taking advantage of the "24/7" rule for the belt. This was the first of an eventual 27 Hardcore Title wins for Raven and ended Blackman's fourth reign.

 2008 - WWE broadcast Raw

 Match Number One: Kane with Kelly Kelly versus Shawn Michaels in a Four Corners of Christmas Road to The Royal Rumble Number One Contender to face John Cena Qualifying Match 


 Rey Mysterio versus John Bradshaw Layfield in a Four Corners of Christmas Road to The Royal Rumble Number One Contender to face John Cena Qualifying Match


Randy Orton comes to the ring and Justin Roberts announces that Batista is unable to appear and Randy Orton wins by forfeit.
 Randy gets on the mic and he says that he has had many great moments in his career. Being the youngest World Champion and winning the main event at Wrestlemania, but nothing was as satisfying as kicking Batista in the head. Randy points out that he won his first World Title in this building, but he was ambushed by Batista the next day.
 Randy says that he has been dreaming about kicking Batista in the skull for four years. Randy says that he has had the same dream every night for four straight years.
Then last week, it finally happened. Christmas came early. Randy asks Batista how it feels that he won’t be meeting John Cena at the Royal Rumble and that his career might be cut short.
 Batista has come full circle to the same place he started, taking a back seat to him. Randy says that Batista did it to himself and he had his time, but his time is over. The next time Batista will see him, Randy will be the
World Champion

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Match of the Night (All Star Championship Wrestling)

From Indianapolis in the Mid 70s, this is why I fell in love with wrestling.  Watching All Star Championship Wrestling with Sam Mennaker.
Great legends like we see here along with Bruno Sammartino, The Valiant Brothers, Dick The Bruiser, Ox Baker, Baron Von Raschke, Ernie Ladd, Pretty Boy Bobby Hennan and the list goes was a great time to be a kid and watching wrestling on TV.

"The World's Most Scientific Wrestler" Wilbur Snyder
Pepper Gomez (The Man With the Cast Iron Stomach)


Mitsu Arikawa and Great Saki

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NCAA Wrestling Rankings - Div 1 12/04/2012

Here are the Top 20 teams in this week NCAA Wrestling Rankings for Division 1

1 - Penn State  (last week #2)  (Current record) 2-0
2 - Oklahoma State  (3)  2-0
3 - Minnesota          (1)   6-1
4 - Ohio State          (5)   3-0
5 - Iowa                  (4)    6-0
6 - Illinois                (6)   3-0
7 - Missouri            (7)   4-0
8 - Cornell               (8)    4-0
9 - Nebraska           (9)  4-1
10 - Oklahoma       (10)   4-1
11 - Central Michigan  (12)  3-2
12 - Northwestern   (13)   3-0
13 - Virginia Tech    (11)   4-2
14 - Michigan          (14)    4-1
15 - Oregon State   (15)   1-1
16 - Pittsburgh        (18)    1-2
17 - Maryland         (16)    1-1
18 - Virginia            (17)    6-2
19 - Edinboro         (20)   1-1
20 - Wyoming         (19)   1-1

Wrestling Icons - Lou Thesz

Here courtesy of the Wrestling Channel is a great interview with one of if not the biggest legend in 20th wrestling, Lou Thesz.
He was a 6 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and one of the last men known as "shooters" or "hookers", wrestlers who could legitimately wrestle another man into submission in the old catch style.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Match of the Night (Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask II)

Hokkaido - Sapporo Nakajima Sports Center


Tiger Mask II (Mitsuharu Misawa) 

Dynamite Kid

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tag Team Match of the Day (Road Warriors vs The Funks)

October 19th 1985
Tokyo, Japan

The Road Warriors
Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr.

(the Warriors were Gods in Japan at this time)