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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Wednesday May 30th will the 57th birthday of Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.

He is the subject of our Match of the Day.  From Wrestlemania 4 at Trump Plaza and a first round match in the tournament for the WWF Heavyweight Title, Jake vs Ravishing Rick Rude.

They fought to a time limit draw.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WCW Saturday Night July 13th 1996

here is the complete episode of WCW Saturday Night from July 13th 1996.  By the way this was my 39th Birthday

this was one week after the now historic Bash At The Beach PPV that saw Hulk Hogan make his dramatic heel turn to form the NWO with Hall and Nash.

Here is the show lineup
Rey Mysterio Jr vs Psychosis-WCW Cruiserweight Title
Diamond Dallas Page vs Billy Kidman
American Males vs High Voltage
Macho Man Randy Savage vs Maxx
Dungeon of Doom 8 Man Tag (Taskmaster, Faces of Fear, Hugh Morrus)
Greg Valentine vs Jobber
Konan in action
Horsemen (Ric Flair/Chris Benoit/Arn Anderson) vs Alex Wright/Cobra/Mark Starr
Rough & Ready vs Joe Gomez/Tod Morton
Glacier Promo
Harlem Heat vs Public Enemy-WCW Tag Team Titles
Hulk Hogan Joins the NWO at Bash at the Beach

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Monday Night RAW to 3 Hours

Courtesy Wrestling-Online Network

- At the USA Network up fronts today in New York it was revealed that
Monday Night RAW will turn into a three hour show permanently starting
from July 23. The RAW on that particular date will be the 1,000th episode
and WWE has big plans to celebrate the major milestone. "WWE is proud to
celebrate this historic milestone with our partners at USA Network," WWE
Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon said. ³Our new three-hour Raw represents
the next generation in interactive television where our fans won't just
watch the show, they will help create it." Chris McCumber and Jeff
Wachtel, co-presidents of USA Network were equally ecstatic about the
extra WWE hour. "The WWE Universe is one of the most socially active and
passionate fan bases in all of television. The powerful three-hour block
of live TV truly makes USA the year-round destination for young male
viewers on Monday nights."

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Match of the Night

Tonight we bring you a tag team match up from January 11th 1994 featuring two of the most famous brother combinations in the history of pro wrestling.

Rick and Scott Steiner


Bret and Owen Hart

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In Case You Missed It

Monday Night RAW on April 30th 2012 ended as the RAW GM announced who would face John Cena at the next PPV "Over the Limit" on May 20th.....


Your Match of the Night

From 1994 Monday Night Raw

Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith vs Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart