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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Greatest WrestleMania Entrances - WWE Top 10

Wrestling PPV Poster of the Night

WCW WrestleWar 1991 : War Games
February 24, 1991 from the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona. This was the first PPV after WCW left the NWA.
Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

WCW World Tag Team Champions

The Hollywood Blonds
(Stunning Steve Austin and Flyin' Brian Pillman)
Champions from March 2nd 1993, defeated Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas, until August 18th 1993 when the Blonds lost to Arn Anderson and Paul Roma

Throwback Thursday - 1985

Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin with Precious

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

News and Notes 03/19/2014

Courtesy Wrestling-Online Network

- The WrestleMania pre-show will not be 30 minutes or 60 minutes as in
previous years, but a whooping two hours! WWE today announced that a
“super-sized” WrestleMania XXX pre-show will air live, with the first hour
starting at 5PM ESTand airing only on the WWE App, WWE.COM, YouTube, and
Facebook, and then at 6PM EST the pre-show will move over exclusively on
the WWE Network. The first hour will only feature analysis of the show
from the yet-to-be announced panel and interviews while the second hour
will also feature a pre-show match. It is going to be a very busy day for
the WWE production team as with the four hours of pay-per-view, they are
now looking at six hours of straight live programming.

- Quoting the latest WWE SEC filings, the Hartford Courant newspaper is
reporting that Vince McMahon took a 30% pay cut last year, getting $1.7
million in salary, down $732,000 from the previous year. The three
quarters of a million less in salary however is not really affecting
McMahon, as his and his wife’s WWE stocks generated an additional $677
million since the start of the new year and the recent spike on Wall
Street. The company’s stock jumped 50% from the end of 2013 to now among
many rumors and the start of the WWE Network.

- The WWE Network free trial will be ending on Saturday, March 22, and
it’s the last chance to try out the product for free most likely till the
Summer. Those who took the free trial already but decided not to take a
subscription are also being offered a second week free via e-mail from
WWE, as the company hopes of a six month commitment the second time
around. If you decide to take the free trial, WWE will charge you $9.99 on
your credit card however you will be refunded if you cancel before the
trial ends.

- RAW this week drew 4,075,000 in total viewers this week, down 294,000
viewers from last week’s show. Hour one did 4,001,000 viewers, followed by
4,174,000 in the second, and then 4,051,000 in the third and final hour.
RAW drew the lowest number of total viewers since the December 23, 2013
episode. (Ratings credit:

- TMZ’s latest story involves UFC champion Ronda Rousey and her love of
professional wrestling, saying she’d be up to appear at a WrestleMania.
However, she’d only do it if WWE hires her gang with her - Shayna Baszler,
Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke - who call themselves the Four Horsewomen.
All four are MMA fighters are and all four are huge wrestling fans. Last
week, Rousey posted a video on her Instagram working a wrestling match
with Baszler. Sources close to Rousey told TMZ that while this year’s
WrestleMania is out of the question, she’d be all for WrestleMania 31 next
year in Santa Clara, California. The possibility of this happening however
is close to zero since UFC President Dana White would probably not allow
one of his top stars to participate at a WWE event.

- After RAW went off the air, the show continued for those who were
present in San Antonio, Texas, with the usual post-RAW antics. John Cena
came out to talk to the crowd when all of a sudden Bray Wyatt, Eric Rowan
and Luke Harper of the Wyatt Family tried to spoil the party. The three on
one affair soon turned into a 3 on 2 with help in the form of the
Undertaker. With the lights out and the “gongs” on the speakers, the
Undertaker suddenly appeared in the ring when the lights came back up.
Bray Wyatt quickly exited the ring as Cena and Undertaker beat up Rowan
and Harper and then delivered a chokeslam and Attitude Adjustment in sync
to send the crowd home happy. You can see the video at

- Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall will be hosting “A Night with
Wrestling Legends” on Friday, April 4, at the House of Blues in New
Orleans. “Hey yo, ‘The Bad Guy’ and ‘The Snake’ coming to New Orleans,
WrestleMania weekend, big time Hall of Fame party,” Hall says in a
commercial which has Roberts and Hall “playing” musical instruments.
Roberts said on his Twitter that it will be a “star studded party” and
there will be a lot of surprises for those who wish to join them. Hall is
expected to be announced as the final member of the WWE Hall of Fame class
of 2014. Tickets for this event are being sold at with
general admission tickets on sale for $137 and VIP tickets for $512.

- TNA Hall of Famer and former champion Sting will be in New Orleans on
WrestleMania Sunday, however he will be at the WrestleCon event rather
than on screen at the big pay-per-view. Merchandise website
announced that the Stinger will be their guest at WrestleCon, taking
photos and signing autographs from 10:30AM to 1:30PM on Sunday, April 6.
There are only 250 tickets available to get up close with Sting and they
will sell for $99 each, which includes a photo op and an autograph. You
will also need a WrestleCon entrance ticket. For more information go to

Today in Wrestling History - March 19th

March 19th 1988
Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond (Badd Company)
defeated The Midnight Rockers (Marty Jannety and Shawn Michaels) in Las Vegas, NV to win the AWA World Tag Team Titles.  They held the belts until March 26th 1989. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Wrestling Magazine Cover of the Day

WWF Magazine 
 March 1988

WWF Tag Team Champions

WWWF Tag Team Champions
Rene Goulet and Karl Gotch 
December 6th 1971 - February 1st 1972

Yukon Moose Cholak

Today March 17th would have been the 84th birthday of wrestling legend "Yukon" Moose Cholak
(born Edward Cholak in Chicago IL)

News and Notes 03/17/2014

courtesy Wrestling Online Network

- TNA Hall of Famer Sting held a Q&A session at the Camden Highlight Club
in London, England, last night and talked about wanting to wrestle the
Undertaker. When he was asked by a fan if he would be wrestling the
Undertaker at next year’s WrestleMania, Sting replied, “I don’t know. I
really don’t know. I can say that I would love for that to happen.” He
mentioned that he’s been watching Undertaker matches lately and especially
the WrestleMania match against Shawn Michaels. “I can tell you that
really, there’s only one more match that I’d like to have, yeah
Undertaker.” Sting has been in discussions with WWE to join the company
for the past few months ever since he departed TNA. Some say he’s signed,
some say not yet, but there’s talk that he would be headlining the WWE
Hall of Fame next year in California. Sting is the last remaining big name
to have never worked for WWE.

- One of the big questions surrounding the brand new WWE Network is the
capability of supporting a large event like WrestleMania frustration-free
for its subscribers. The first live “large scale” broadcast on the WWE
Network was the NXT Arrival show, a broadcast which was filled with
issues, leaving thousands of angry customers. WWE acknowledged the
problems and is now airing Main Event live on the Network as they continue
to iron out issues that might pop up for the big test - WrestleMania XXX.
The Motley Fool website asked that question to WWE keeping in mind that a
massive failure at WrestleMania might see a large exodus of WWE Network
subscribers after the 6-month commitment is up. "Notwithstanding the
overwhelmingly positive response to WWE Network, we want to ensure
subscribers have the highest-quality experience watching WrestleMania 30
and all our programming, and thus have put in place significant quality
assurances," WWE said in an e-mail. "These steps include increased
capacity to handle high volumes of transactions, logins, and concurrent
live streams, daily 'stress' testing of all systems over an extended
period, and the addition of technology experts to review our plan and
procedures. We're confident that we'll be ready on Sunday, April 6." WWE
has a lot riding on this show for the Network. WrestleMania is by far the
most-seen WWE show on pay-per-view and if they come out of this with minor
scratches or no issues at all, WWE Network subscribers might possibly
increase even more however anything else might spell disaster for WWE and
their future dealings with pay-per-view providers.

- took a look at the rumors of AMC Networks buying WWE from
the McMahon family, a rumour which spiked the WWE shares on Thursday to a
new all-time record of $31.98 for a few minutes. According to a source
close to the situation, reports that the two companies are
not in merger talks and it is “just a rumor” according to those with
knowledge of the discussions. A potential deal and bid would value WWE at
around $2.8 billion although the likelihood of such a deal happening is
close to zero since Vince McMahon controls the majority of the voting
rights. AMC is however in talks with WWE for television rights of RAW,
Smackdown, and all the other television shows. Other companies that WWE
approached were Viacom, FOX, Discovery, and Time Warner. WWE stocks closed
the week at 30.94, a 4% increase over Thursday’s closing.

- Chris Jericho has revealed the cover of his upcoming book which is
titled “The Best In The World - At What I Have No Idea.” This will be the
third autobiography for Jericho and continues where his last book,
Undisputed, left off. The book is co-written by Peter Thomas Fornatale and
will be released on October 13, 2014. “I guarantee you are going to LOVE
it!!!” Jericho wrote. The foreword of the book will be written by one
lucky fan who will be chosen by Jericho himself from a contest he held
earlier. The winner will not be announced but whoever the lucky one will
be will find out when the book is published. You can see the cover at

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Today in Wrestling History (March 16th)

Title Changes for March 16 

1948 – Billy Goelz defeats Marshall Esteppe to win the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship 

1960 – Joe McCarthy defeats Mario Galento to win the NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Championship 

1970 – Killer Karl Kox & The Great Malenko defeat Chief Wahoo McDaniel & Antonio Pugliese to win the NWA Texas Tag Team Championship

1973 – Gene Kiniski defeats Terry Funk to win the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Championship

1977 – Bruiser Bob Sweetan & Tony Rocco defeat Skandar Akbar & Choi Sun to win the NWA United States (Tri-State) Tag Team Championship

1985 – 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes defeats Tully Blanchard to win the NWA Television Championship. During this reign, the title would be renamed the NWA World Television Championship.

1986 – The Sheepherders defeat Ted DiBiase & "Dr. Death" Steve Williams to win the UWF World Tag Team Championship

1986 - "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer is awarded the newly-created UWF World Television Championship by the final Mid-South Television Champion, 'Dirty' Dick Slater

1986 – Jim Duggan defeats "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer (subbing for Dick Slater) to win the MSW North American Heavyweight Championship

1989 – Hiroshi Hase defeats Shiro Koshinaka to win the NJPW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

1992 – Kamala defeats Koko B Ware to win the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship

1992 - Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant defeats Dr. Death (not Steve Williams) to win the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship

1994 – Hiroshi Hase defeats Ravishing Rick Rude to win the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship

1996 – D’Lo Brown defeats Bobby Blaze to win the HWA (Cincinnati) Heavyweight Championship

1998 – Triple H defeats Owen Hart to win the WWF European Championship

2008 – Cibernetico defeats El Mesias to win the AAA World Heavyweight Championship

Saturday, March 15, 2014

WWE Top Ten - Unexpected Arrivals

Wrestling PPV Poster of the Night

Starrcade (1994): Triple Threat took place on December 27, 1994 from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.
Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.

Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee - Carlos Colon

Today in Wrestling History - March 14th

Title Changes for March 14 

1887 – Evan “Strangler” Lewis defeats Joe Acton to win the World Catch-as-Catch-Can Heavyweight Championship 

1918 – Young Hackenschmidt (Neil Olsen) defeats Louis Nelson to win the World Welterweight Championship 

1944 – Babe Sharkey defeated Ed “Strangler” Lewis to win the World Heavyweight Championship (Maryland version)

1952 – Hombre Montana & Leo Nomellini defeat Ben & Mike Sharpe to win the NWA World (San Francisco) Tag Team Championship

1968 – Larry 'The Axe" Hennig defeats Kurt Von Brauner to win the NWA Brass Knuckles (Amarillo) Heavyweight Championship

1978 – Dino Bravo & Dominic DeNucci defeat Mr. Fuji & Professor Toru Tanaka to win the WWWF World Tag Team Championship

1980 – Jose Lothario & Tiger Conway, Jr. defeat Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada to win the NWA American Tag Team Championship

1980 - Bruiser Brody defeats Maniac Mark Lewin to win the NWA Brass Knuckles (Texas) Heavyweight Championship

1980 – Junkyard Dog defeats "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd to win the MSW Louisiana Heavyweight Championship

1984 – Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham defeat Black Bart & "Outlaw" Ron Bass to win the NWA United States (Florida) Tag Team Championship

1987 – 'Dirty' Dick Murdoch & 'The Russian Bear' Ivan Koloff defeat "Hands of Stone" Ron Garvin & Barry Windham to win the NWA United States (Mid-Atlantic) Tag Team Championship

1999 – Naoya Ogawa defeats Dan 'the Beast' Severn to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, ending Severn's 4+ year reign as champion

2003 – A.J. Styles defeats Super Hentai to win the IWC (Pennsylvania) Super Indy Championship

2009 – Yoshihiro Takayama defeats The Great Muta to win the AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship

2010 – "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce defeats Blue Demon, Jr. & Phil Shatter in a 3-Way Elimination Match to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship for the 3rd time

2011 – Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan to win the WWE United States Championship

2011 – Abyss vacates the TNA World Television Championship due to injury

2011 - Gunner defeats Rob Terry & Murphy in a 3-Way Dance to win the vacant TNA World Television Championship

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wrestling Magazine Cover of the Day

News and Notes 03/11/2014

courtesy Wrestling Online Network

- Hulk Hogan’s big WrestleMania announcement yesterday was the reveal of
the Andre The Giant Memorial battle royal. At WrestleMania XXX, there will
be 30 WWE Superstars who will compete at this over-the-top rope battle
royal with the winner receiving the Andre The Giant Memorial trophy. The
trophy was shown on screen as fans clapped to honor Andre The Giant. It’s
not usual that WrestleMania features a battle royal, sometimes it was part
of the WrestleMania pre-show and sometimes it was a feature such as the
Legends battle royal or the Divas battle royal on the actual pay-per-view.
WrestleMania 2 was the first WrestleMania to have a battle royal which was
coincidentally won by Andre The Giant himself. The good news is that WWE
will be able to give a majority of its roster their own WrestleMania

- WWE Divas champion AJ Lee has broken a record over the weekend,
retaining the WWE Divas title for over 268 days, surpassing Maryse who was
at 265 combined days over her two reigns. AJ has won the title just once
so her 268+ day reign is consecutive, rather than combined. She won the
title at the Payback pay-per-view in June 2013, defeating Kaitlyn. Who
knows, maybe AJ is shooting to surpass her boyfriend’s reign as WWE
champion although she’s a bit far away from CM Punk’s 434 consecutive days
as champion. 

- Daniel Bryan got his wish to wrestle Triple H at WrestleMania with an
added bonus - if he wins, he will be added to the main event which would
then turn into a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight title.
Bryan got his “YES movement” to occupy the show last night which resulted
in some great visual on television and he and his followers did not leave
the ring until Triple H had to say yes to their match and yes to the added
stipulation. A majority of the people in the ring with Bryan were actually
WWE staff members along with some military personnel and fans.

- Monday Night RAW this week drew a total of 4,369,000 viewers, down
208,000 viewers from last week. Hour one had 4,165,000 viewers, then
followed by a big jump to 4,676,000 viewers in hour two before losing
almost all the viewers gained for 4,265,000 in hour three. (Ratings