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Monday, March 28, 2011

Great American Bash 1990

Here is the main even of the Bash in 1990, held in Baltimore Md.

The NWA Heavyweight Title match between the World Champion Ric Flair and #1 challenger Sting.
This was a time when the wrestling world was set afire by this feud and every time they faced each other they seem to push each other to a new level as we saw with Flair vs Steamboat the previous year.
The days of everyone paying attention and being excited by the prospect of a World Title change are gone and the great commentary by Jim Ross shows why all wrestlers wanted him to call their title matches.
Ross did a tremendous job of setting this up as a momentous occasion, even if he stretched the truth on the lineage of the NWA World title.   He made you think this was going to be once in a decade occasion.

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