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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today in Wrestling History October 19th

2003 - The WWE holds its annual No Mercy ppv in Baltimore Maryland.

The main event was a Biker Chain Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title as the Champion Brock Lesnar defends against The Undertaker.

BROCK LESNAR defeated UNDERTAKER in a biker chain on a pole match to retain the WWE World Title in 24:16. Undertaker started off with kicks and fists. He hit a legdrop and elbowed Lesnar's face on the apron. Lesnar sent UT into the stairs and suplexed him for an early pin attempt. UT came back with the boots and stomps. They brawled on the floor, where Lesnar rammed UT into the Spanish broadcast table.
Back in the ring, UT hit a flying lariat for a near fall. They waited so long to try to climb the pole that I almost forgot this was a chain on a pole match. When UT finally started climbing, the lights went out. This looked like an angle but apparently is was just a case of the lights going out for a few seconds. Lesnar caught UT and powerslammed him. Lesnar brought in the stairs, and he send UT face first into them. UT lariated Lesnar out and piledrived him on the stairs. UT started to climb the pole again, but again Lesnar caught up to him. UT hooked a triangle choke. Lesnar escaped with a low blow and hit UT with the stairs. UT kicked the stairs into Lesnar's face when he tried to use them as a weapon again. Lesnar powered back and beat UT down. Lesnar started up the pole but UT nailed him from behind and nearly hit the Last Ride, but Lesnar escaped. Both men went down after a double lariat. UT hit the snake eyes and a boot to the face. Lesnar hit a spinebuster. UT caught Lesnar with an arm bar. Lesnar powered out. UT hooked a sleeper, which Lesnar escaped from by hitting the F5. This got the crowd, which had been a little bit off-and-on, fully into the match. UT avoided being pinned by getting his boot up on the rope. Lesnar started to climb, but UT chokeslammed him off.
At this point, all three FBI members attacked UT. This was legal, by the way, since this was a no-DQ stip match. UT disposed of all three, and then gave Lesnar the Last Ride to a big pop. UT finished off Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli with a neat suicide tope across the ropes onto them. Nunzio tried to climb up for the chain, but UT threw him off to the floor. UT climbed up and got the chain, to a huge pop.
Vince then arrived out of nowhere, causing UT to get crotched, which allowed Lesnar to get the chain and he clocked UT with it for the pin. I thought this was a decent match overall, though the FBI run-in was overkill. The match dig drag in spots.

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