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Thursday, November 10, 2016

WWE Tag Team Champions (2008)

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Jr.
(The Legacy)
The team known as "The Legacy" won the belts on June 29th 2008 at "Night of Champions" in Dallas TX, the current champions Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes were facing DiBiase, Jr. and a mystery partner when he announced as the match began he was going to win the belts by himself.  When Holly entered the ring to start the match Rhodes jumped Holly and revealed that he was the "mystery partner".   Rhodes and DiBiase held the belts for 36 days before losing to the team of Batista and John Cena on Monday RAW in Knoxville TN, August 4th 2008.   In a return match August 11th 2008 "The Legacy" regained the titles and kept them for another 77 days before dropping them one last time on October 27th 2008 to CM Punk and Kofi Kingston on Monday Night RAW.  The team stayed together for another 2 years before turning on each other at Wrestlemania XXVI and splitting for good

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