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Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Your House 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies

Today April 28th in 1996:
In Your House VII, "Good Friends, Better Enemies" aired on Pay-per-view from Omaha, Nebraska at the Civic Auditorium. The show would feature the final WWF Pay-per-view appearances of Diesel (Kevin Nash) and Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) before their historic move to WCW.
Here are the results:
- In a match shown on the "Free-For-All" preshow, Marc Mero defeated The 1-2-3 Kid via DQ when Hunter Hearst Helmsley ran in and gave Mero a pedigree.
- Davey Boy Smith &Owen Hart defeated Jake Roberts &Ahmed Johnson when Smith made Roberts submit to a half crab after Jim Cornette hit Roberts in the leg with his tennis racket.
- The Ultimate Warrior defeated Intercontinental Champion Goldust via countout when Goldust refused to return to the ring and face the Warrior.
- Vader defeated Razor Ramon with a sit-down splash as Ramon went for a sunset flip.

- WWF World Tag Team Champions The Bodydonnas defeated The Godwinns.

- WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Diesel in a no-disqualification match with a superkick. During the match, Diesel pulled the prosthetic leg off of Mad Dog Vachon (who was sitting at ringside) and used it to hit Michaels.

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