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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wrestlemania 27 Thoughts

Well as my friend Chad (an astute observer of wrestling) said "Lower your expectations and you wont be disappointed".   Well he again was right and WM 27 wasn't a thrill ride but it wasn't a complete bust with HHH/Undertaker doing their part in a weird match to make it memorable.    The addition of  The Rock was ok but I dont think the ending was really that great as they left the WWE champion lying in the ring.  Now can you imagine Hulk Hogan,HHH, Stone Cold, HBK or UT agreeing to that if they were WWE Champion at Wrestlemania?  I dont think so but that shows you how little regard the McMahons have for the title and The Miz.   Sadly on Monday night it was all about The Rock and John Cena and setting up really long range plans to meet at Wrestlemania 28 in Miami Florida.   Now will Vince have the guts to let it play out or will he get scared and pull the trigger on the match for Summerslam just to get the buy rate up and make some extra cash?

On another note I have high hopes for Sin Cara after seeing him last night on RAW for just a brief run in against Sheamus.and landed a huge top rope jump to start what could be a really good feud (but then again it might last one match on RAW ).  Too bad Brian Danielson has been lost in the shuffle and his lack of charisma has put him as the odd man out.

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