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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

News on Edge

In case you missed the news last night from RAW, Edge announced his retirement from wrestling, live on tv.
At first I didnt buy this, I was waiting for Christian to make his entrance and turn heel to begin a feud or Del Rio to run in and continue the buildup for the title match at the next ppv. Well I was wrong as I read the news today.

further information from the Online Wrestling Newsletter

- WWE Superstar and current World Heavyweight champion Edge announced his
retirement yesterday during an emotional interview on the live RAW
broadcast. Edge, real name Adam Copeland, said that both of his arms are
experiencing numbness as a result of a neck injury and an MRI that was held
the day after WrestleMania in Atlanta confirmed the seriousness of the
injury. Edge was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, the narrowing of one or
more areas in the spine which puts pressure on the spinal cord or spinal
nerves at the level of compression according to world renowned Mayo Clinic.
His injury will require surgery and no medical professional will clear Edge
to ever compete in a ring again as there is a risk of paralysis or even

- The World Heavyweight title will be vacated on Smackdown during tonight's
tapings in Albany, New York, an episode which will air this coming Friday on
SyFy. A video preview on WWE.COM says that Edge must surrender the World
Heavyweight title, completely changing the main event match for the Extreme
Rules pay-per-view. Edge was supposed to wrestle number one contender
Alberto Del Rio at the show, a rematch from WrestleMania, after Del Rio won
a number one contender match against Edge's former tag team partner
Christian last week on Smackdown.

- After RAW went off the air yesterday, Randy Orton and John Cena cleaned
house, with Orton performing the RKO on Riley while John Cena did the
Attitude Adjustment on the WWE champion, The Miz. After celebrating for a
few, John Cena grabbed the mic and addressed Edge, saying he was one of the
guys "who was born to do this." Cena mentioned when Edge defeated him for
the WWE title at the Elimination Chamber and asked the fans to do him one
favor as Edge was pretty broken up when he left the ring. "One time, loud
enough so he can hear you. Give the Rated-R Superstar a proper send off,"
said Cena as Orton sat on the turnbuckle clapping. Cena left the mic in the
middle of the ring as the fans gave another standing ovation. You can see
the video of this at

- Many in the wrestling industry used Twitter to say goodbye and thank you
to Edge, who announced his retirement yesterday on Monday Night RAW.
Superstars such as Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Tommy Dreamer, Zack Ryder,
Taz, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash and others all left
messages on their account to show their appreciation. "It's sad to see my
friend Edge retire from WWE. Edge was one of the best," wrote former TNA
champion Kurt Angle. "Edge is a great performer and 1 of my favorite
opponents. He's also got an incredible MIND for the business. Congrats on an
amazing career," added Chris Jericho. "Have had contact w/Edge & he is
looking 4ward 2what the future holds. It will b great, good things happen 2
good people & he is just that," noted Shawn Michaels, who himself retired
last year. Other in the wrestling business such as Jim Ross, Percy Pringle
and Eric Bischoff also left comments for the champion. "Gonna miss Edge.
Have 2 think WWE will utilize Edge's mind & teaching abilities. Great
integrity," wrote Ross, while Eric Bischoff added, "Best of luck to Edge.
Class guy and a great talent. He will find success in anything he pursues."

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