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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Survivor Series 2010

Thanks to the Online Wrestling Network:

- The RAW brand Survivor Series main event has been set with Randy Orton taking on Wade Barrett for the WWE title with John Cena as the special guest referee. The stipulation for the match is that if Barrett does not win the WWE title, Barrett will have Cena fired for not obeying his orders and if Barrett does win the WWE title, Cena will be free of any Nexus responsibilities.

- Undertaker's face to face meeting with Brock Lesnar at last week's UFC 121 pay-per-view generated tons of buzz online and inside the WWE locker rooms as rumors were flying high that WWE is trying to make a match between the two for next year's WrestleMania. TMZ.COM caught up with UFC President Dana White to get his comments regarding the proposed match, which has been done before, but not at a WrestleMania. "Brock Lesnar is still under contract with the UFC...he is not going to wrestle in the WWE. He cannot wrestle, box or fight anywhere else," White said. In case you missed it, the exchange of words following Lesnar's loss to Cain Velasquez can be seen at

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