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Thursday, December 17, 2015

WWF Tag Team Champions (1990s)

Owen Hart and Yokozuna 

April 2nd 1995 Owen and Yokozuna won the tag team titles at Wrestlemania XI in Hartford CT by defeating The Smoking Gunns.
They held the belts for 175 days before a controversial loss to Diesel and Shawn Michaels on September 24th 1995 at In Your House :Triple Header in Saginaw MI.   Davey Boy Smith subbed in for a missing Owen Hart for the title match and when Owen ran in later in the match he was pinned and the belts were handed to Michaels and Diesel.  The next night on Monday Night RAW the belts were restored to Owen/Yokozuna since Owen wasn't officially a participant in the title match.   Later that night on RAW, The Smoking Gunns defeated Owen/Yokozuna and recaptured the belts.

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