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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

10 Fascinating WWE SummerSlam 2001 Facts

August 19th 2001
San Jose  CA


1HLitaJacqueline and Molly Holly (WWF) defeated Torrie WilsonStacy Keibler and Ivory (Alliance)Tag team match02:55
2Edge (WWF) defeated Lance Storm (c) (Alliance)Singles match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship11:16
3Test and The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) (Alliance) defeated Spike Dudley and The APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw) (with Molly Holly) (WWF)Six-man tag team match07:19
4X-Pac (c - Cruiserweight) defeated Tajiri (c - Light Heavyweight)Singles match for the WCW Cruiserweight and WWF Light Heavyweight Championships07:33
5Chris Jericho (WWF) defeated Rhyno (with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) (Alliance) by submissionSingles match12:34
6Rob Van Dam (Alliance) defeated Jeff Hardy (c) (WWF)Ladder match for the WWF Hardcore Championship16:33
7The Brothers of Destruction (The Undertaker and Kane) (c) (with Sara) (WWF) defeated Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Kanyon (c) (Alliance)Steel Cage match for the WCW and WWF Tag Team Championships10:15
8Kurt Angle (WWF) defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) (Alliance) by disqualificationSingles match for the WWF Championship22:30
9The Rock (WWF) defeated Booker T (c) (with Shane McMahon) (Alliance)Singles match for the WCW Championship15:19

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