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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

AWA SUPERCLASH III December 13th 1988

AWA SUPERCLASH III December 13, 1988
December 13th 1988 in Chicago, IL
UIC Pavilion drawing 1,672 ($25,081)
Shown live on PPV (0.5)

Hosted by Larry Nelson and Lee Marshall
Hector, Chavo and Mando Guerrero vs Cactus Jack and Rock-n-Roll RPMs
Eric Embry vs Jeff Jarrett
Jimmy Valiant vs Wayne Bloom
WCCW Texas Champ Iceman King Parsons vs Brickhouse Brown
Ricky Rice, Derrick Dukes and Wendi Richter vs Paul Diamond, Pat Tanaka and Madusa Micelli
Greg Gagne vs Ronnie Garvin for the AWA TV Title.
A "street fight lingerie battle royal" In the match were: Bambi, Peggy Lee Leather, Laurie Lynn, Brandi Mae, Malibu, Nina, Pocohantas, Luna Vachon and The Syrian Terrorist
Sgt Slaughter vs Col DeBeers in a "boot camp" match.
WCCW Tag Champs The Samoan Swat Team vs Michael Hayes and Steve Cox
Wahoo McDaniel vs Manny Fernandez in an Indian Strap match
AWA World Champ Jerry Lawler vs WCCW World Champ Kerry Von Erich
The Rock-n-Roll Express vs Jimmy Golden andRobert Fuller

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