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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Royal Rumble 2016 saw the predictable outcome of Triple H coming out as entrant #30 and eliminating then champion Roman Reigns.  Now the unpredicted part was that Dean Ambrose was left to battle with Triple H for the championship.  Even with this outcome of H eliminating Ambrose, this was a very entertaining edition of the annual Royal Rumble.   After 2 years of terrible moves by the WWE in "booking" the Rumble, this year seemed more logical and thought out.  This might be due to the return and influence of Pat Patterson, who for years was the brains behind the Rumble and working with all the wrestlers to make it as entertaining as possible.  
I would give this RR 2016 a B+ and not an A due to the well known outcome, even though nothing had leaked before the show, it seemed to easy to figure out.
Personal highlight was the debut of AJ Styles, now if they don't ruin him and bury him in a useless feud but make him legit with the everyday WWE fans and put him in a title run soon, that would make me a happy fan.

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