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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Blackjacks

The Blackjacks were a legendary tag team consisting of BlackJack Lanza and BlackJack Mulligan both big and very tough men.
They made their name in the AWA and WWF, along with a very good run in the WWA (Dick the Bruiser run promotion out of Indianapolis).

They never held the AWA World Tag Team titles but did hold the WWF and WWA Tag Team titles.

They won the WWA Tag Team titles (below) on November 26th 1971 in Indianapolis by defeating the team of Wilbur Snyder and Paul Christy.  They held the belts until December 9th 1972 when they lost the titles to Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher in Detroit Michigan.

Moving on to the WWF in 1974 the Blackjacks won the WWF Tag Team Titles on August 26th 1975 in Philadelphia by defeating the reigning champions Dominic DeNucci and Pat Barrett (who replaced Victor Rivera in July of 1975).   They held the belts for 74 days before losing to the team of Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi in Philadelphia on November 8th 1975.

Here they meet the reigning champions DeNucci and Rivera in a non title match in 1974.

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