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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Match of the Night (Koloff vs Magnum T.A.)

Tonight's match is from the greatest feud of the 1980s, maybe even of all time.   The series of matches between Nikita Koloff (The Russian Nightmare) and Magnum T.A.  for the NWA US Heavyweight Title.

The matches spanned 1985-86 until the tragic accident that left Magnum nearly paralyzed and unable to wrestle again.

Sadly this affected the careers of both men as Magnum and Nikita were on a trajectory to be NWA World Champion and then feud over the title and be the next generation of superstars for the NWA/WCW.  Nikita would veer his character away from the hated to beloved Russian as he sided with Dusty Rhodes in his on going feud with the Four Horseman.

From NWA World Wide Wrestling, September 1986...less than a month from Magnum's accident, he battles US Champion Nikita Koloff.

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