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Friday, January 14, 2011

Match of the Day

Today's match is a true classic. Its a match with the Living Legend Bruno Sammartino against Larry Zbysko.
This was a CLASSIC fued that was built up over a year and lasted for years after the big blow out match at old Shea Stadium where Bruno beat his "former protege" in a cage match. Zbysko is probably one of the all time great heels and he could really work a crowd into a frenzy of hatred for him. Most times in the old days he would need an escort to leave the building after the show, people wanted to kill him.
The amazing thing about this time, you could have a crowd really excited and wanting you to break the mans arm with a arm lock, this wasnt a fight like you see now this was a "wrestling" match and people were just crazy for it.

This match is from about 1980-81 and from the Spectrum in Philadelphia.

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